"Feeder" schools into College Preparatory School (CPS)?

Does anyone know if there are any "feeder" schools into CPS, whether official or non-official? What are some of the middle schools where they have the highest admissions rates into CPS?Thanks!

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I wouldn't call it a 'feeder' school, but I know a lot of kids from The Academy are accepted to CPS. The Academy has a very academic middle school program and the head of school works with students to help them get accepted to the high school of their choice. 

Bentley, Head Royce, Redwood Day School. Student must have academic performance that qualifies for CPS no matter what school attended.

Black Pine Circle 

College Prep usually includes a round-up of students who will be matriculating to the school in one of their spring newsletters. I remember reading through the last one and noticing how varied the incoming students were in terms of where they had attended middle school. It seemed like there were 2-4 students from nearly all the local schools-- public and private. I also noticed that Black Pine Circle had a larger group, and I had wondered if that was because there are so few private high schools in Berkeley proper. I imagine much of this also comes down to how many students from each school choose to apply to a small, highly academic school like CPS. Good luck!

Thank you for all your responses!

Montessori Family School has sent many students to CPS (and has 100% acceptance rate to kids' first-choice schools).