Feeder preschools to Head Royce or Bentley School?

Our child is 2.5 and we are looking for pre schools. We want to keep our options open for kindergartens and would consider both private or public options based on our son’s needs. But we’d like to keep all options open. My question is - are there preschool feeder schools to Head Royce and/ or Bentley?

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There are not feeder preschools to Head Royce or Bentley.  

Enroll your child in the preschool that feels like the best fit for who they are and how they learn, and enrich their experience with as much exposure to music, art, science literature, etc. as is age appropriate, and hopefully they will grow to be a passionate and curious learner. Going to Head Royce (or any school) won't guarantee them a successful life, but being a loving parent who encourages them to be the best of who they are will.

My kids either attend or graduated from these two private schools.  I have never heard of feeder preschools for either. The best preschool is the one where your child is happy and healthy.  You will know it in your gut when you visit.  Then everything else usually falls into place.  We did a mixture of both public (OUSD) and private schools and there are pros and cons to both.  Best wishes!