Feedback on Walnut Creek/Tice Creek Magnet School?

We are looking at moving to Walnut Creek and wanted to get feedback on the Tice Creek School.  How do families feel about their experience, are kids learning, how are the teachers, families, etc?  Is there differentiated learning?  Are the classes full so there is no space?  How big are the classes?  For those with 6th-7th graders, how has the middle school experience been?

Also, I understand some neighborhoods in WC go to Lafayette schools--which neighborhoods are these? Which neighborhoods go to Las Lomas HS?

Does it happen in WC that you don't go to your neighborhood school because it is too full?  If we move to one neighborhood, I want to make sure we can at least send our kids to the neighborhood school and not have to drive across town.

I also wanted to get a better idea of what the kids sports culture is like.  Are there certain sports that dominate?  Do kids get to play on teams (soccer, tennis, baseball, etc. )even if they aren't great?  

I heard from friends that Lamorinda cities have a huge swim/water polo culture and none of my kids swim (outside of recreationally).  Is WC like this too?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the very same questions. I did hear that WC also has a huge swim culture which neither of my kids are into. I looked into MDUSD schools that are in WC and due to budget cuts they have cut a lot of programs which is disappointing. That eliminates a lot of homes in the home search. It is so confusing which neighborhoods feed into the WCSD and Acalanes Union High School District. It would be great if someone could explain that.