Feedback on Transitional Kindergarten (Thornhill or Montclair)?

Hello, I'm seeking recent feedback on experience with TK at Thornhill and Montclair elementary schools in Oakland. We're deciding between sending our daughter to TK or keeping her at preschool next year. Specifically looking for input on:

  • What did you like about TK that felt like a change from a preschool program?
  • What didn't you like about the program?
  • How academically rigorous is the program? Are kids learning to read and write? Trying to determine if TK is more academic than preschool.

Thanks in advance for feedback!

Parent Replies

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If finances allow you, I recommend considering pre-k program at a preschool instead of OUSD TK. It’s unclear whether OUSD will be able to open school in the fall and even if it does, it may be part time (maybe 2 days a week) or mornings or afternoons only. TK is what K used to be. It’s academic and structured. Zoom Schooling is terrible for little kids. One benefit is that if you get into TK, you are in the school. These schools have had to turn away neighborhood kids in some years.