Feedback on JCC preschool?

Hello, does anyone here have recent experiences with the JCC preschool? I am considering their toddler program for my almost 2 year old and all of the reviews here are more than a few years old. I would welcome any information about experiences, positive or negative, and either shared here or in a private message. Thank you! 

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We have two children in the JCC preschool, and have been quite happy there. It is a kind, supportive environment, and the teachers are excellent. It also has a very convenient structure and schedule for working parents. No complaints!

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I can't say enough good things about the JCC program. Monika, who facilitates Perachim (the toddler program) is amazing! She has fantastic energy and is always excited to engage with little folks and their big energy. It's a lot of play time, mixed activities, and then an age appropriate circle time for Shabbat. I'm on my second child attending this program (my older is now at the JCC preschool) and an happy to answer any specific questions via PM. Also they do a free trial if you want to come and check it out before committing to the whole session. Just email and ask!