Feedback on Haight Elementary School

My family is relocating to Alameda in the new year. We will be renting a home on Bay Farm where our assigned school is Amelia Earhart. Today we found out that the only grade-level spot available at this time across AUSD is at Haight Elementary. Due to the fact that we'd prefer to have our kids at their neighborhood school, where they are close enough to walk or ride bikes and would presumably make friends in the neighborhood, we hope to be able to enroll in Earhart for the 2018-2019 school year, thus Haight would only be for the remainder of the current school year. If any parents could share their experiences with Haight we would really appreciate it. Or would anyone recommend a private option as a better short-term solution? TIA

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We just started our now 5 year old at Haight, so he's in their Transitional K class. He's doing great. The principal has a great reputation from what I understand (my mother in law's friend used to work for her), and overall the school really promotes diversity and inclusion and it's a very supportive place. I understand not wanting the commute, but the Haight community has been good for us so far and I'd recommend it with no qualms.