Feedback on Emeryville Childhood Development Center

We are considering enrolling our 3 year old at ECDC in the fall, and would love any feedback current or former parents have!! Thanks!!

Parent Replies

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My almost 3 year old has been going there for half a year now. It has a small school feel. The teachers and staff really get to know you and I truly believe they care about my son. He had a hard time transitioning and one of the teachers would give him extra attention and love so I could make my escape. The directors are really great at quickly addressing concerns I've had over email. They are supported by the city of Emeryville so there's really nice perks like the food has been provided for and if you live within Emeryville, you get a discount.

They have parent meetings a few times a year, keeping everyone informed about new programs, grants, etc. A monthly newsletter with reminders and updates as well. They really encourage parent volunteering hours so you're more involved with your child's school. There's a parent-led board that helps the school organize events (rummage sales, etc), sign up for grants, figure out programs for the children to participate in, way to improve the school, advance the teacher's learning, etc. So there's many ways to get involved, which I also like. There's also private instagram accounts so you can see what they are doing throughout the day, which I find really nice to have.  

My son has made many friends and we haven't had any problems with anyone.