Feedback about Girl Scouts in Berkeley


My daughter will be entering 6th grade next year and she is considering Girl Scout troop 33530.  I was a GS as a kid and I think the right troop could be a good fit for her.  Unfortunately, my work schedule is not conducive to volunteering much myself and this is intimidating to me, as I know that GS sometimes requires a lot of time from parents.  So would appreciate feedback on this piece of joining as well.

My daughter is a goofy, imaginative, sensitive, sometimes socially clumsy but loving and friendly kid.  She is a little geeky, loves Star Wars, Harry Potter and all Fantasy...  She is relatively unexperienced with camping, etc, but I think she could grow to love it. She does love nature.  One might describe her as kind of a "Ferdinand" from the children's book--dreamy, loves pondering flowers, moves slowly through the world.  Wondering if our local troop here in/near Berkeley might be a good fit?  

Thanks so much!

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