Father won’t allow treatment program

My ex-husband refuses to follow 2 separate physiatrist recommendations that our son go to either an in-patient treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school and I don’t know what my rights are. Who do I go to to get legal permission for this? CPS? 
If background is needed, our son just finished 9th grade, was hospitalized after suicide threat, is doing drugs, has admitted to buying drugs ‘for friends’ (which my ex believes that is all he did with them despite my son testing positive for pot in the past), and has had narrow brushes with the law (which my ex thinks are no big deal).  

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This is not a CPS issue at all. This is a family law/child custody issue. You need to request that you be given full legal custody so that you can enroll him in a program without dad's consent. You will have to have the psychiatrists submit declarations or testify if a hearing is necessary, but usually they require you to go to mediation first before you get to that point. Consult with a family law lawyer.

If you connect with Willows in the Wind you will meet and be able to speak with other parents who have been in a similar situation. Willows in the Wind is a non-profit parent support group for parents who have had teens or young adults in residential treatment, or who are considering it. In my experience, it is a group of very caring, thoughtful, smart, and dedicated parents I who have all dealt with extraordinarily difficult/ risky parenting challenges. It is so helpful to meet other parents who have been in the same boat and to share information and support with them.  Google Willows in the Wind and you will find lots of information and ways to connect. I wish you the best of luck.

A grateful Willows-in-the-Wind Parent of a child who flunked out of 2 high schools, was in residential treatment for over a year, and who now earns a 4.0 GPA in college.

Hi - I heartily endorse your efforts to get help for you son. Do you need your ex to help pay for the treatment? If you pay alimony you might be able to deduct half the cost of his treatment from alimony payments. Best of luck