Family therapist for whole family?


Our family really needs help!  There is much love but lots of communication breakdowns.  We are a married mother/father with three kids aged 13, 11 and 8.  We would like to find a therapist that can work with us all, sometimes as a couple, sometimes with the kids one-on-one or together (lots of sibling issues!), sometimes all together.  Is there any therapist or counselor that works with the entire family unit?  I really can't seem to find someone.  We live in Berkeley but are willing to travel a bit for the right person!

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I've been seeing Susan Champagne for about a year and really like her.  She's technically a life coach, not a therapist.  I know she does couples - I am not sure if she would do the whole-family but since you haven't found anyone yet I thought it was worth recommending her as she's pretty flexible.  She's mindfulness focused and great on communication/mindset issues.  Good luck!