Family moving from Auckland, New Zealand to Danville

Hi there, we are a family of four moving from Auckland, New Zealand to Danville in December for my husbands work. We have two young boys aged 4 and 19 months and I was hoping to get advice from mum's in the local area to make the transition and settling in process for my kids a little easier. It would be great to hear your experience of living with a young family in Danville and the best way to make friends. I would also really appreciate a recommendation for a pre-school for my 4 year old and advice on whether places at preschools are hard to come by? Are there lots of activities to do with kid in the area and local groups for mums? And are there any other NZ or British families living in the area (my kids and I are dual citizens and my husband is a Kiwi)? Thanks for your help! Emma

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Kia Ora and welcome!  I'm an American who used to live in Auckland and take my daughter every summer to visit her Kiwi dad.  I live in Oakland myself, but I could put you in touch with people in the Danville area through my real estate company.  Lots of nice Danville people, including moms, who can give you good information.

My recommendation in general is to join groups and NZ chamber of commerce / ex patriate groups.  Both are great ways to make friends.

Also, there are a bunch of Kiwis in the Bay Area who come here for yachting.  Alameda and San Francisco's marinas might be a good place to start to find them.  :)

 Hi Emma! There are tons of wonderful things to do in Danville that will be perfect for you and your family. The community is very family focused. One avenue for making friends with other moms of is the Iron Horse mothers club. You can find it online - it's a great group of moms with kids of all ages and could be a great starting point for you!