Family friendly housing communities?

I was born on a commune and lived many happy years in a student co-op. I am going through a divorce and realize that a community housing situation would be my ideal but does that even exist in the East Bay for people with kids?  

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Yes!!  there are existing options and groups who are looking to create more options and connect people who are interested.  Message me if you'd like to talk about specifics. There are also Facebook groups focused on communal housing in the bay area or East Bay and often there are kid-friendly communities posting on those groups.

You could look into Canticle Farm in East Oakland?

Yes! I have a good friend who lives in one on Sacramento Street. Check out East Bay CoHousing for that group and more:

Yes! Sort of! There's a coop of townhouses in Alameda with a decently active parent group: The homes are small-ish (1-3 bedrooms), all owner-occupied, all have outdoor space. It is a great place to live!