Families 4 children experience?

 We are looking into public adoption, and one name we encountered was families for children. We have not been able to find anything about them on the Internet. Anyone have direct or secondary experience with them in order to foster to adopt? 

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We have had experience with Families For Children. Like most agencies, expect them to point you toward sibling groups or older children, especially preteens and teens. I don't know if it's better or worse than other agencies, but I would keep in mind that social workers are under great pressure to find forever homes for these kids. They will hustle you through the process once they have identified a child for you and minimize any issues (which are likely to be highly significant). When problems arise, they will push therapy as if it is a panacea. Individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy ... and if that doesn't work, a different therapist. 

The social workers' jobs are to advocate for that child and to get them in a home. I would recommend that you advocate for yourself and your existing family. If a child seems like it may be a poor fit, don't hesitate to tell the social worker that you did not feel it was a good match. Once the child is in your home, it is very difficult to send them away -- even if they are creating untold havoc and misery for everyone. 

I work in the field and I would recommend Family Builders by Adoption