Fair Rate for Babysitter for 2 kids?


We have 2 kids, 8 and 4, and are looking for some occasional care, between 3-6 hours per week. I saw an old thread about care for 1 kid, but am wondering what a fair rate is for 2. We spoke to a sitter who seems great and said their rate is $40-50. This felt high to us. Any thoughts? 


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We pay $25-30 for 2 kids 

We pay $25/hr for date night babysitting for our two kids. We’ve paid between $15 and $18 for a nanny share. 

Hello. I have two children. $40 to $50 is high unless the person is a professional nanny and I mean certified etc. We typically hire for our two kids at a rate of $30 to $35 per hour. I have had success with UrbanSitter.com. I typically pay $30 and have found wonderful people.  

My daughter in law babysits for a family, 2 afternoons a week, 4-6 hours at a time. The children are 3 and 7 years old. She is paid $35 an hour. FYI 

$25-$35 an hour is what i have paid for my two children.  The person who charges $35 will also clean if the kids are sleeping or don’t need her full attention. I hire teachers from preschool or my friend’s nanny. The teachers charge less and the nanny charges more  

$40 is usually the starting point for two kids in my experience.

I pay our sitter $35 for 2 kids but I think that might be low. 

The average base rate for a babysitter is $22.08 per hour. The weekly cost for a babysitter working a 40-hour is $883 while the monthly cost is approximately $2,870 for 130 hours of work.