Facial laser for melasma & hyperpigmentation

Looking for a recommendation for a dermatologist who performs facial laser rejuvenation to treat melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I have some dark spots on my cheeks and forehead that just will not go away and am working up the nerve to get laser treatment. East Bay preferred.

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You might want to have a free consult using a non-scarring approach to skin issues: https://www.doctortevents.com/index.php/skin-clinics-appointments

I have had moles, seborrheic keratoses, and hematomas taken care of with little to no scarring.  Having had a Mohs procedure one time, I decided against using conventional dermatological approaches.  

Last spring (2017) I had multiple v-beam laser treatments on my cheeks for red acne scarring. It really helped! And in fact, I just scheduled another appointment for next week, for some new scarring. It really doesn't hurt - they offer to apply a numbing cream first, which I've never had to do. I saw an NP named Jude at the office of Katie Rodan. They don't have a particularly good website, and you have to call to make an appointment: http://www.drrodan.com/index.html

I first made an appointment for a consultation, thinking I might want/need microdermabrasion, but Jude suggested the v-beam. Good luck! It will be worth it.

I highly recommend that you call Diablo Regional Laser in Walnut Creek and ask if Janet will treat your condition. She has trained many doctors to use lasers. I have gone to her over the last 10 years for both hair removal and the removal of skin redness due to Rosacea. She is a little quirky, but she is extremely good at what she does. If she treats your condition, you will not be disappointed. http://diablolaser.com/