Fabulous preschool with openings?

We are late to the game looking for a preschool for our 3-year-old. Does anyone know of a great school, preferably in North Oakland, South Berkeley or Piedmont that still has openings for the fall? We prefer play-based but are open to other types of schools as well. Thanks so much!

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EBGIS has openings and is play-based. https://www.ebgis.org/ If you are ok with bilingual German/English. We are starting there this fall, so I cannot share experiences, but all our visits so far were great. There are existing reviews on BPN.

Yes! you should check out EBI.  We have been there two years now and absolutely love it. https://www.ebinternacional.org/

Your best bet this time of year is to make a list of several schools you like and call every couple of weeks. Things always shuffle over the summer, and if you happen to call as a spot is opening up, you may get lucky.

I believe temple Sinai in Oakland has openings in the 3s for next year. Amazing school. You don’t have to be Jewish but there’s lots of cultural content.

The Model School has openings for preschool as of beginning of May. Not sure if they filled all of the spots for the 2019-20 school year but it’s worth checking out. Our daughter has been there for a year, and just joined one of the pre-K classes. She loves it!

Best way to get a response is by calling the main number. 

My daughter goes to Broadway Children's School of Oakland, a play-based and wonderful school in Adam's Point. If you are looking for part-time and you have a young 3 year old, I believe they have space in their PACT program. Worth checking out anyway. We love it there! Good luck!

Also Rockridge Little School is opening a new location on Broadway Avenue and is enrolling: https://www.rockridgelittleschool.com/

The Model School has fall opening for preschoolers. Call Marina at (510) 549-2719.