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Mid-40's gal needs a new Rx for her glasses. Seeking a Dr who has a lot of experience with Progressives and Computer glasses. To complicate things, I'm a professional photographer, so my needs are slightly different than the average patient, and  the Rx needs to be very accurate. Went to UC Berkeley a few years ago, but the exam/Rx wasn't quite what I needed. Then tried Kaiser, but had a really poor experience there (apparently their optical dept isn't known for being great). I have several pairs of glasses I already like...just need an exam and the lenses put in. Any recommendations to a talented Dr much appreciated. Open to Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, SF, Walnut Creek, San Leandro, or Marin.

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I recommend the Sorensons (Sorensen?) in Berkeley. They are very experienced. My daughter and I go there.

I really like Oakland Vision Center. The doctors are great and use the latest technologies. My husband and I both got our eye exams and glasses from them. https://oaklandvisioncenter.com/


I highly recommend Michael Kiyomoto, OD (2035 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, 510-843-0721). He is very thorough, kind, and professional.

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I have gone to Dr. Fujikawa at Berkeley Optometric Group on Shattuck for over 20 years. He is very thorough and I recommend him highly.

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I highly recommend Dr Torres at Eye Carumba in SF (Embarcadero Center). Having had glasses and/or contacts for ~35 years, I’ve seen a number of eye doctors and he’s been the best. Really listens to me and my comfort with the prescription. 

My son and I are patients of Rockridge Optometry on College Ave in Oakland. We have been going there for many years due to their excellent and professional care. There are four well-qualified and experienced optometrists there and we have been patients of Dr. Yokoi and Dr. Sarver. One can check the website for the other two. We can not recommend this practice highly enough as the doctors really know their field and take their time with each and every eye exam to make sure it is as thorough as possible.

Scoff if you will, but my best experience has been with the optometrist who is next to the Costco optical center in Richmond. Ian Nossoff. He is quick, efficient, personable and understands how eyes function in a way that the multiple providers I’ve gone to at Kaiser just do not seem to grasp. In fact, even though eye exams are a covered benefit with my health insurance, inevitably, I go back to Nossoff and pay out of pocket- and his fee is reasonable! He does not take plastic, BTW, so be prepared to pay by cash or check.