Exterior House Painting Rec for Small Job

We recently had some new windows installed and dry rot remediated. We are looking for a painter who would paint the window frames and the front facade of our home around the more significant repair work. Any recommendations on a team that is willing to take on a job of this size would be greatly appreciated!

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We have used Playtus Painting for large and small jobs. The painters tell me the company treats them very well, they do a good job, clean up after themselves, and do things safely. I have hired handymen to do exterior painting and once found a teenager climbing up to my roof on a ladder with no supervision…so now for exterior work I always hire a bonded insured company. Highly recommend Platypus. 

Check out MB Jesse. I believe they do this and they did a great job painting my house. 

We used Perfecto Maldonado for multiple interior and exterior painting jobs at our house. He does quality work at a fair price and is good to work with. I think he's based closer to the Central Valley, so I'm not sure if he'll do a small job but you can check. Coordination is through his son Alex, cell # 916-807-3866.

I have had Guilhermo do work for my Berkeley house twice. In fact, he recently completed a similar job related to a leaking window. He can be reached: 510-475-3201. He does interior and exterior and works by himself.