Exterior House Painting company?

I have an old, large house with a two story back house. I need an exterior painting company, a good one! About 10 years ago I had it painted. Unfortunately, the painter did a poor job with no proper prep. So now I have a peeling, bad paint job over cracking, old paint. Anyone know of a reputable company? Thanks?

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Hi Ruth, I can totally commiserate with your situation. As a Berkeley real estate agent, I have seen many, many, failed paint jobs where the painter did not properly prep the job. When a painter gives you a low bid, you can be sure that he/she is saving time by not doing the laborious but crucial work of dealing with the old surface before applying the new surface.

I highly recommend Joel Sajche. He has done a lot of work for me personally, and for many of my clients. He does top quality work for a reasonable price, and he does it right. You can find him (and read his reviews) on Yelp, and/or feel free to call me for more info.

Hello I'd like to recommend my wonderful professional painter Eduardo Garcia. He has painted our house in Albany for many years, both outside and inside. He was worked for companies that did upscale homes around the entie Bay Area. I don't recall the name, but he can tell you. What he and his team do is prep prep and prep before they paint. He is very patient and very good at suggesting or trying colors and combinations. He is very friendly and profesional. If you want to you, you can come by and see my house and what he has done. just send me an email Eduardo 510-872-4602

We used Arana Painting to do our prior house in Montclair.  (510) 567-9559

 Very professional, thorough job and they gave a ten-year guarantee on the exterior. Since then we've moved to Glenview, and numerous other people on our neighborhood listserv have used and recommended Arana for exterior painting. 

Try Martin Klein, mklein330 [at] yahoo.com.  We were very happy with his work, and his pricing is reasonable.  His crew did the best job possible with prep.  He stands behind his work; he's been willing to come back to address unexpected issues at little to no cost.  He and his crew are all personable, too!

Thousand Oaks Painting is currently painting our home and we couldn't be more pleased. The amount of prep they've done is amazing and Roland has been helpfully guiding me through choosing colors. They were affordable and have done a great job so far. I couldn't ask for more

Hans Stahlschmidt www.stahlschmidt-painting.com painted the exterior of my house some years ago and he fixed all the problems that the previous painter created by not scraping and not priming.  Hans does it right. His paint job lasts for a long time. He is licensed and he has a crew that has worked for him for many years, and they are experts. When I need a painter I call Hans and I don't bother getting quotes from anybody else. 

We just had our house exterior done by Royal Painting. I was very happy with the results, and our house needed lots of prep IMHO. We will definitely use Royal again.

Hans Stahlschmidt was the interior paint sub used by our contractor 7 years ago, we thought the results were fine too but I don't have that direct experience managing the work.

You may already know this, but this is not the right time of year to have your house painted. If I were you, I'd start calling around in January for a spring job.