Experiences at Raskob, Northbridge and/or Albany Public schools?

Hi everyone, My 8 year old daughter is dyslexic and has ADD. We are trying to figure out what would be the best fit for her schoolwise and looking into Raskob, Northbridge and the Albany public schools. We applied to Hope Academy last year, but they haven't had any openings. I would really appreciate hearing anyone's experience with any of these places...or if there are any other schools that have been good for this profile. She has been at the East Bay German International School since kindergarten and this has worked well so far because of the small class sizes and wonderful teachers (and they were open for in person all last year), but I think we are reaching the point that a bilingual education might be too much for her, given her dyslexia. If any of you have kids that are dyslexic and you have made it work at a bilingual school, I would love to hear about that too. Such a hard decision....any input would be helpful. Thanks much! Melissa

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