Experiences with Connecting Waters Charter?

We are considering this school for next year as part of a homeschool program for our 11 year old 2e son and wondering if anyone had recent experiences to share. Thank you! 

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My 8 year old son with HF ASD and SPD, who I’ve been told is likely 2e, but never formally assessed, is doing great at Connecting Waters. He got enrolled early January and the next day his teacher dropped off a workbook for every subject which I thought was awesome. He came from OUSD where at his school the kids can barely get a photocopy worksheet let alone a new workbook.

I taught him nearly an entire year of 2nd grade in 3 months and not at an overwhelming pace at all. So I imagine next year we can space out the curriculum even more allowing for more extracurriculars, fun activities, field trips, and traveling. 

He attends the in person classes at their resource center originally twice a week, but he was too advanced for one class so now its once a week. I wanted him to still be around kids regularly in a classroom environment although his current class is actually not worth the drive or funding.

I feel like CWEB gave us structure as we are new to homeschooling which was really helpful. All of his teachers have been great and flexible. The funding is great too since you can use it for both academic and extracurriculars. Since my son is somewhat advanced, he’s able to get through the curriculum pretty quickly allowing for more time for his other interests which is something he never had the energy for at OUSD.

The only advice I would have for enrolling in CWEB is to do it now or before the Fall starts so you will get all of your funding. Since we were enrolled in January our funding was pro-rated so I had to pay out of pocket for some extracurriculars.