Experience w/EDSET at Albany HS?

Hello parents of Albany HS graduates or current parents of juniors and seniors! Would love to hear your opinion of the EDSET (Environmental Design, Society, English and Technology) program at Albany High. Did your kid enjoy the cohort model? Did they feel restricted by not being able to take other classes, especially after having completed the first year? How did they enjoy their internship experience, and do you feel being in the program had any bearing (positive or negative) on college admissions? Thanks in advance for your candor and insights! Sophomore mom.

Parent Replies

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My daughter is currently a junior at AHS and in EDSET. She is enjoying it, but as a parent I have to say that the school offers very little help in finding an appropriate internship. There can also be potential scheduling issues, since the kids have to take AP environmental science during a particular period. This made it impossible for my daughter to continue in choir (where she'd been since grade school and really loves it, as well as all her friends in choir.) We've meet with several college counselors, and when we told them of EDSET only one was not too keen on it. She happens to be the one that advises many Albany kids. Even so, I still think it's a good thing IF the kid is in a compelling *job* and not just using this as an easy day off school. Keep in mind that if your child decides to do EDSET and is accepted, you'll need to figure out transportation if s/he isn't driving or it's not public transport friendly. The Friday internship days are 4 hours. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.