Experience with Sincere Home or Home Depot cabinets?

We're looking to replace our kitchen cabinets and would love some recommendations on affordable cabinets. So far we've looked at Ikea, Sincere Home and Home Depot. Ikea's price is nice, but we'd like to have plywood construction for the cabinet boxes. Sincere Home has a more affordable line with plywood construction that we like, but are wondering how they rate on delivery and cabinet quality. Same with Home Depot - most of the reviews I've read on Home Depot have to do with how bad the installation sub-contractors are. A contractor relative will be doing our installation with our help, so there we won't be using the store's contractors. 

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KWW Cabinets in Oakland.  Best bang for your cabinet buck, though there is a cost for the money you will save... which will be a lot $$$.  Their prices are incredible... though quality might be a bit less than Sincere.  Depends on your needs of course.   Read their largely positive Yelp reviews as they are not for everyone.  I find the ladies who work the counter endearing, especially Sonia.  But it's frequently a state of organized chaos when you cross the threshold.  Sonia, is usually juggling multiple customers at once (they do high volume work w contractors), running to the back to move something with a forklift, barking in Chinese to the warehouse guys all with an unrelenting ringing phone stuck in her ear.  All that said, after shopping around extensively, we've bought three kitchens worth of cabinets there since 2009 through this year, and we don't look back.  Plywood boxes and solid wood doors.  Treat the ladies right, and they will take good care of you.  Expect it to be something other than it is and you likely will not be happy.  I'm an extrovert who throws humor like frisbee's so it's been all good for me!  We get compliments on our KWW cabinets and granite always.

Take a look at Grant Expo.  We've been very pleased with the cabinets they have.  HomeDepot has cheap, mid-range and very expensive.  We went with Kitchen made and are very pleased.  I would only go for all plywood construction, no MDF or particle board or plastic if you want it to last.  Ikea stuff looks nice, never bought it as the stuff as it looks so fragile once it breaks it can't be fixed and has to be replaced.  Just look at the display in Ikea.  Lots of time they have broken pieces.

I would not buy any cabinets with plastic edging around the doors if you want the stuff to last. IT's used on cheap and mid-range cabinets and if around the stove or sink will begin to unglue in just a few years.  Once that happens it can't be fixed and the doors or cabinets have to be replaced.

Good luck.  I'm helping my daughter with her kitchen remodel.

We bought our cabinets from Sincere (the bamboo ones) about 2-3 years ago. So far they are holding up well and still look great. The delivery was not a problem. Good luck.