Experience with Rockridge Little School

Hi Parents,

Would love to hear about your experience at RLS for preschool. This location is on Broadway Ave (not the original College Ave one), although we hope the experience is consistent. Our kiddo will be entering just before 4 years old and will be a "panda" in Fall 2021. I think our biggest concern is whether the program is fun, safe, provides exciting/simulating ways to learn and if your child felt prepared for Kindergarten. 

Also helpful if you are acquainted with the staff as well. Lynne is the director at this location. 

Every data point helps, so thank you for your help!

Parent Replies

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My best friend works there (and the original one too) and she can’t say enough good things about the program. She has over 15 years of experience at multiple preschools so I really value her opinion! We live in Pleasanton now, but are considering moving more north and we would definitely put our 2 year old in one of their programs.

My child attended RLS until the school was shut down due to COVID. I have mixed feelings about RLS.

The school did provide a safe, fun, usually engaging day for our child.
Most teachers seemed caring and engaged. 
Nice, clean, age-appropriate facilities. 

- High teacher turnover. When we closed in June last year there was only one remaining teacher from the year prior. 
- Poor communication from teachers and management. We were never notified when a teacher was leaving or when a new one was starting. We would just come in one day to someone new with no explanation as to where the other teacher went.
- The second-year we attended they misprinted when Spring Break was for the school and only notified families of this mistake three days ahead of time (when they realized the mistake) after many families had already booked vacation/taken off work. There was never an apology from management about this costly mistake.
- There was poor communication around how the school was handling the COVID shutdown. Instead of info on when they might be able to reopen, or what they were doing to ready the school for return, we received a 45 min video of the owner describing how much COVID has affected her financially. When we tried to reach out for more clarification we didn't get a response. 

If you are looking for a school that prepares your child academically for kinder, I'm not sure RLS is your school. It is play-based and does not focus on any academic curriculum. I think it prepared our child for kinder in other ways but not in any academic way. Lynn was a teacher at our location for a while until she left to manage Broadway and we always really liked her.  Hopefully, this info is helpful, and feel free to reach out for more info.