Experience with Reading Program Offered by Institute of Reading Development?

Anyone have any experience with the Reading Program offered by Institute of Reading Development through Cal State East Bay Extension?  it is a 90 minute/week program that runs for 5 weeks.  Considering it for my 9th grader who doesn't read enough and would love to hear from someone with a teenager on whether it was helpful or worth it.

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The Institute for Reading Development program is not a research-backed program. If you are worried about your child's reading it is best to get an evaluation to figure out what is going on with your child's reading and get advice tailored to your child's needs. A lot goes into skilled reading: background knowledge, vocabulary, decoding skills, processing speed, visual processing. Lindamood Bell has a relatively low-cost assessment. It is usually $500 but you can almost always get half off by looking on the web or simply asking for a discount. Also, many educational therapists like myself do reading evaluations. A reading evaluation can help you understand the source of your child's reading difficulties and provide recommendations.