Experience with pre-fab ADU

We are considering "building" a pre-fab ADU in Berkeley and would love to hear from anyone who has done it. What are the pros (other than cheaper and speedier) and cons? Anyone have experience navigating the permitting process in Berkeley?

Thank you!

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I serve on the East Bay ADU Task Force and Nov. 9th is both a date to tour ADUs built in the East Bay (10am-1pm) along with an afternoon workshop at the Fruitvale Library. At first glance pre fab ADUs seem like a bargain and time saver. If you have a large flat lot with easy accessibility it may be an option. Trouble is most of us don't. SO a panelized prefab has a better chance of being able to get moved into a back yard than a fully built one.The cost of the approved foundation & utility connections are a significant portion of the expense. As of Jan 2020 you would need to be certain that the pre fab ADU meets NET Zero construction standards as well.   A number of builders explored pre fabs early on but walked away from them as the confines and shapes of our yards differ too greatly to make the same ADU work.  Overall the savings has not proven to be significant so best to go with something designed for your specific circumstance.  

Best to start with imagining the various uses over the course of the next decade as ADUs are truly an amazing flexible use space for extended family, aging individuals (ADA friendly) , guest space, close friends, etc that can also provide significant income should this be a desired outcome.  Governor Newsom also just signed into law the ability to build 16ft high so now additional sleeping lofts can provide extra space. Hope that helps!  Rolf 510.540-1111