Experience with Piedmont Ave Elementary (OUSD)?

We have a one year old and are looking to move, so trying to be aware of the various zoned OUSD schools in case we find a rental we love for long-term. Past parent posts about PAES were very positive, though information beyond TK is now a few years old. Can anyone add a more recent experience about the grades beyond TK and the school overall? 

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Hi! We live in the Piedmont Ave neighborhood, and my son is finishing 1st grade at PAES.  We LOVE it!  The school is fairly small (about 300 kids total), which is nice, because all of the teachers/staff know and recognize the kids.  Class sizes tend to be a bit under OUSD maximums.  There is very low staff turnover - many of the staff were students at the school themselves.  The teachers/staff are very invested in the school as a community.  This was really important to me as a parent, because studies show teacher experience/turnover is one of the most important aspects of a "good" school.  There is a dedicated science teacher - which is huge!! She is truly amazing, and leads the kids through hands-on science experiments/projects and science notebook activities rather than just having kids watch a film or read a book.  One downside is that the PAES PTA raises less money than other "hills" schools in OUSD - often, PTA money is used to fund student "specials," which may include music, STEM activities, etc.  - so PAES has less money for that sort of thing . But, PAES PTA has a highly involved and dedicated PTA that works really hard.  I've been really, really impressed by PAES, and I encourage you to take a look!  Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk more.