Experience with past-deadline registration process for Oakland Unified?

I'm looking to move to Oakland this coming summer and need to enroll my 7-year old in one of the public elementary schools -- he'll be starting 2nd grade in fall 2019.  We're doing this after the enrollment deadline for the standard registration process, and so I'm trying to get a sense of whether there's any chance that he'd be able to get into his neighborhood elementary school.  I know that the district basically creates a waitlist and that they take people off the waitlist as space becomes available, but I'm wondering how *likely* it is that we'd successfully get our son into our neighborhood school. Is there anyone who has had experience with doing this?  If it helps at all, we're likely looking to get him into either the Glenview or the Montclair elementary schools (or maybe Joaquin Miller or Thornhill or somewhere else in Montclair).  Has anyone else here successfully moved into district in the summer and gotten their kid into one of these schools?  


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Yes, OUSD does accommodate this and it's very likely he'll get in. Late applications are put last in line for your priority group, so if it's a neighborhood school that has already offered spots to all the new neighborhood kids in the zone (which all on your list likely have for second grade) then he goes to the #1 spot (last of the neighbors, but still ahead of any non-neighbors). There is always summer movement and it's very likely that at least one spot will open up. This is somewhat more likely at Montclair or Glenview because they're bigger schools, but I think you'd be pretty safe at all of the schools you mentioned. Just get your address established as soon as possible--the sooner you're on the list, the better.