Experience with OUSD high schools (not Oakland Tech)

The archives have a lot of posts about Tech, but unfortunately we can’t afford to live in North Oakland, and I know it’s a long shot to get admission through the lottery. I would love to hear about recent experiences with any of the other high schools in OUSD. How are the academics? The social scene? Are academically advanced students being challenged? How is support for kids with IEPs, both from the resource team and from classroom teachers? How is the selection of electives? Any other insights are welcome as well :)

(I’m not interested in charter or private schools, just OUSD district-run schools.)

Thank you!

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Just wanted to say that we're in the process of choosing a high school for our 8th grader, and since we live in central/east Oakland, and don't have an interest in our child schlepping too far every day, we're focused on options other than Oakland Tech.  She does want a "big" school, and Oakland High and Skyline are our top choices so far.  Neither school has every possible activity and elective, but it still seems it will be hard to narrow down from among many fun and challenging opportunities.  We have friends who are happy at both places; I haven't asked about IEPs, specifically. 

My son is finishing up his senior year at Skyline HS in the spring. It has been an overall good experience for him and me. He’s been able to take a variety of challenging classes, including multiple AP’s and dual enrollment college classes. He’s felt generally supported, even more so this year with the college application process. During Covid, Skyline, like all OUSD schools, had its speed bumps with virtual learning, but he was able to get support from his teachers as needed and ended up ok. Electives seem to be standard, nothing over the top. My kid took ceramics and wood shop this year. Socially, they’re teens, and they’re experimenting with drugs and alcohol and focused on their Instagrams like every high schooler in the country. I’m available for more questions if you have them. 

We have a child who is a freshman at Skyline. Pluses: as a big school there are a ton of really engaging electives and the various pathways seem pretty good (freshman year is general ed, kids choose a pathway that they start sophomore year). Some of the teachers are outstanding. Dance, drama, and orchestra have been amazing and the teachers for English and Ethnic studies seem pretty dialed in. We've had two teachers out on long term leave (I think this is luck of the draw) and this has been a set back for those two classes. There are busses from all over town that will take your kid right to campus. On the down side, it is a large urban school with a lot of kids who are not focused on academics at all. It has been rough for everyone transitioning back from COVID and our child has struggled with a lot of emotional issues around that (and being a teen). My kid really loves it and would not want to go anywhere else.