Experience at John Muir labor & delivery?

Hi All,

I’m pregnant and moving cross country to the East Bay. Would love to hear any experiences or thoughts about delivering at John Muir. The only info I can find on BPN is from the early 2000s.


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My wife delivered at John Muir after our pediatrician group moved from UCSF in Berkeley to John Muir in Walnut Creek in the middle of her pregnancy. The delivery room she delivered out daughter in was literally like a hotel suite. The hospital was also pretty new, modern and clean. A stark contrast to hospital she would have delivered in had her pediatric group stayed in Berkeley. 

The nurses were great, and the Dr. that delivered was fantastic. His name is Dr. Friedman. I would definitely recommend John Muir. We also took the childbirth preparation and CPR classes at John Muir which I would also recommend. Best of luck with your pregnancy and move!

I had both of my kids there. Its a great facility, the staff overall is excellent, esp the nurses who were very nice and attentive! The food is only so and so in my opinion.

I had both my kids at John Muir in Walnut Creek in the past 5 years. I loved it. Big beautiful private rooms, the best nurses ever, I cannot complain about any of it. I didn't want to go back home and leave the wonderful nurses! The turn over is really low there. I was talking to one of my labor nurses there last time and she said the "wait list" is so long to work there and once you get in you find a way to never leave. 

Also, look in to Muir Mommies for after the baby is born for a great "moms group" with great lactation consultants and education.