Experience with a Fiduciary?

My husband and I are investigating whether to engage a private fiduciary, to be named in our estate plan to manage our assets after we both croak (which we hope will not happen very soon!).  We are concerned that our two adult children might have conflict if one of them is named executor / trustee and the other is not.

Our attorney has given us a list of potential fiduciaries.  Have any BPN families had experience with any of them?

Scott Phipps

Linda McHugh

Minna Fernan

Jennifer Keystone

Maryann Valentine

Thank you!

We are open to other recommendations as well.

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The choice of Private Professional Fiduciary, rather than a conflicted or unwilling family member, is a sound one. I am an Estate Planning Attorney in CA and recommend this avenue for many clients. Rather than name a specific person, there is another option. A clause which provides that  a PPF tbe selected by a majority of the adult beneficiaries. I usally add - "who practices in X County, who is a member of the CA F\PPF Assoc."  Many PPFs would want to talk to you, review your trust, etc. etc. before you name them. In many cases, absent terminal illness, death may be a long way in the future. Many of the practitioners will have retired or moved away.

Good luck.