Experience with Dr. Isabelle Cohen at Women's Group for Health?

Hi all,

I'm starting the search for an OBGYN as my partner and I begin the process of trying for a baby. I've seen all the glowing reviews for Dr. Lilia Lizano, but sadly she's no longer accepting new patients. Dr. Isabelle Cohen, who is also at Women's Group for Health is accepting new patients, and I was wondering if anyone in the community has had any experiences with her? I'm in the market for an OB, but also hoping for someone I can go to long term as my gyno as well.


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Hi! I just started with her during my pregnancy, and I have seen both her and Dr. Lizano. I don't have a ton of experience with Dr. Cohen as I just started, but so far I like her. She's really nice and seems supportive of your choices. I told her my hopes for an unmedicated birth and said she thinks of herself as almost a midwife. Will be able to give more info as time goes on, but my first meeting with her was good. I do think that if you see Dr. Cohen, you should come with questions, as she will ask you if you have questions, but won't necessarily explain everything if you don't ask. And I also got to see Dr. Lizano and she is really great.