Experience with cortisone treatment for tarsal tunnel

I’m wondering what personal experiences others have had with cortisone treatment for tarsal tunnel?
Podiatrist thinks I’ve developed tarsal tunnel syndrome post partum and is recommending an injection of cortisone treatment. What was the process like for you? Was it worth it for you? Any regrets or precautions you would advise? Did you go an alternate route and if so what was that like?

thanks for sharing!

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I don't have experience with tarsal tunnel, but I had horrible carpal tunnel in my right wrist during pregnancy and I got a cortizone shot a couple weeks postpartum.  My only regret is not getting it sooner.  It helped very quickly and I had no side effects.

I too had carpal tunnel in my hand/wrist and couldn't write. I was about to take the bar exam which at that time, was only handwritten.  I had a cortisone shot. It was painful, but the relief was very quick, and the problem never returned.  That was 30 years ago.  

I had tarsal tunnel and it was miserable.  I feel for you.

What FINALLY solved my problem was working with a personal trainer who really understood anatomy and did research to learn more about the condition.  He set me up a set of stretches to do as well as a strengthening routine for my feet, ankles and legs.  It was miraculous.  After over a year of treatments (multiple cortizone shots for a mis-diagnosis of plantar facitis, a PT who worked me so hard that I ended up on crutches) that did nothing, and may have even made it worse, training was the solution.  The trainer is still in practice but located in the Outer Sunset so maybe not the best option if you are in the East Bay.

I also found that custom made orthodics consistently made it worse but that good old Superfeet helped stabilize my arches and ankle.  

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more.  It seemed that very few doctors knew anything about it, and help was hard to find.  

Similar to other responders, no tarsal tunnel experience here. But I had metatarsalgia for which I received a couple of cortisone injections in my foot. Do recommend. It felt a little strange to walk on immediately after the shot, but that passed quickly. 

I developed "Mommy's wrist" (De Quervain's tenosynovitis) in my 3rd trimester and it lasted into my postpartum experience... it was terrible. I took a cortisone shot and also did 6 months of occupational therapy to help it. Directly to your point - I don't have regrets for having done it but I remember being on the fence at the time. The OT was not an alternate route but in parallel to the shot. I am very glad I did OT as I could practice the exercises at home when I would have a flare up (computer work). You didn't ask so disregard if this advice doesn't sit well with you, I also adopted a low inflammatory diet (no processed foods, low sugar, etc.) and I feel that helped me as well. Good luck! 

I had mother's wrist and got an in-office cortisone shot. Pain immediately disappeared and never came back.