Experience with Colusa Kinder daycare?

Wondering if anyone has experience with Colusa Kinder daycare in El Cerrito?  Seems like a newer facility and haven't found any reviews.

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I love Colusa Kinder for my son, almost 1 1/2. It is a Reggio based program and a small home school/daycare. The owner/director/teacher Molly is lovely with the babies and toddlers and everything she does is well thought out and developmentally appropriate. I was a Montessori teacher and am now an early parenting consultant, so I look for and appreciate care providers who treat children as capable individuals and with respect- Molly does both. And, she is a lot of fun for the little guys! 

We were there for a short period several months ago. I think "goodness of fit" depends on the age of your child. In our experience the setting was well-equipped for infants and young toddlers. Our active 2-year-old, who had been at another school for over a year prior to his time at Colusa Kinder, experienced some challenges there that he didn't have before or after, at any other school he has attended. It was our impression the teachers had less experience working with typically developing preschool-aged children, as many of my child's behaviors were pretty typical of any 2-year-old (from my experience of over 10 years in the field). Happy to chat more if you have specific questions.