Experience with Buying & Owning Small Apt Complex

Interested in others' recent experience with working with a realtor or broker to buy a small (2-4 unit, less than $1.5 million) apartment complex in the East Bay. How much work is it once fully leased up? How hot is that market right now? We'd be looking in Albany north, maybe as far as central Contra Costa County, but not as owner-occupants (at least not in the near future). Any buyers' realtor recommendations for this niche? Thanks!

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Sorry, I don't have any answers for you, but you may want to checkout biggerpockets.com There's lots of expertise there and maybe some folks from the Bay Area can chime in. I don't have any relationship with that website, just looked around and found it to be helpful when exploring this possibility for myself. I think it's pretty legit and well regarded for real estate investors.