Experience with Bay Super Nannies?

Hi there - does anyone have experience (good or bad) with Bay Super Nannies? They are based out of San Francisco but I am looking for a nanny in the East Bay. They are much cheaper than their competitors so I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about them. Thanks so much!

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I don't have direct experience as a client, but my former nanny in SF signed up for it when she was looking for her next position, when we gave her notice that we were going to move to the East Bay. She'd listed me as a referral and the founder Becky reached out to me.

Becky seemed pretty on top of things, and connected me to a family who was interested in working with my nanny and wanted to chat.

For what it's worth, I consider my nanny pretty legit - decades of experience including infant care. I originally found her on SitterCity but she also had a profile on NannyLane.