Experience with Academic Support and Transition @ BHS?

Does anyone have experience with Collaborative Learning Center: Academic Support and Transition at Berkeley High? Our 8th grader has an IEP for dyslexia/adhd and we just discovered that he's been put in this for one of his 9th grade electives. He's getting 3s/4s in school, but has time management issues. I am not sure this class will solve that issue and we would probably prefer him to be able to take electives (which he was excited about) rather than an academic skills course that he may not need. We do plan on supplementing 9th grade with a private executive functioning tutor. I still haven't received any real information about what the class includes, but in the BHS catalog, it's just listed as a weekly class, rather than daily, so I'm confused about ... well, everything. I'd love to hear about any experiences with this and of any families who were able to select NOT to participate. Thanks!

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Before you opt out find out more info. It may be an opportunity for him to just get work done, & lighten the load for 9th grade to just 5 classes. Having had 2 kids at BHS with LD (no IEP but 504s) its quite a stimulating environment. My ADHD boy transferred to private school this (his junior yr). Too overwhelming for him to do his best academically.

Sympathy. We are in a similar position and are still struggling with these issues. It is so unfair that in order to access needed services & accommodations your child has to sacrifice an elective. Our son refuses to take the CLC class when school goes back in person so we are going to try to renegotiate our IEP. Your son's case manager at BHS can and should explain to you in detail exactly what the CLC entails (and it should be detailed in the IEP itself). It's also worth getting in touch with DREF (Disability Rights and Education Fund) - they responded to us quickly with expert advice but ultimately our situation is complex enough that we're hiring an independent education advocate & maybe a lawyer. https://dredf.org/