Exercising at the desk - under desk bike or stepper, or balancer?

Hi I'm looking for a way I can be a little more active while working at my computer - considering under desk bike, under desk stepper (for sitting desks) or standing desk with balance board.

Would love to hear any experiences or suggestions. I see lots of reviews, but they never seem to have tried it longer than 1 week. I understand the complications (need to adjust desk height, stabilize the chair, or difficulty using during certain tasks), I am more curious if anyone sticks to it, or has seen even a bit of improvement from it. 

I'm also planning to buy a sit-stand desk again (had one before that I used all the time but didn't move it to our new home). I see there are now balance-boards one can stand on - has anyone tried those?

I get up and take stretch breaks and a daily walk outside, this is just purely a question about how to be a little more active while working. Any experiences or tips would be appreciated!

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I bought a Sunny Health + Fitness walking treadmill which has been very useful! It rolls away easily and just adds some activity during meetings when I don't necessarily need to be on camera. Looks like currently sold out but maybe will come back in stock: https://sunnyhealthfitness.com/collections/treadmills/products/walkstati...

Hello and good for you seeking alternative and healthy ways to work from a desk. I had a very similar experience and was suffering from low back trauma that made sitting in an office chair unworkable. My body worker advised me to sit on a stability ball and that was a turning point for better back health. By sitting on a stability ball all of your abdominal and back muscles remain engaged, strengthen and totally improved the quality of my work environment. I highly recommend. It’s best to alternate between standing and sitting (although I never did because I enjoyed sitting on my ball so much! ;). Chairs with backs were originally for royalty which now in modern times is the reason back pain issues dominate as a common health complaint. Best wishes for good health. 

I have the inexpensive Ikea sit stand desk and a no brand name wooden wobble / balance board. I use and like them both -- especially during meetings when I don't need to type / write. I've used both for a while now & would say I use them in phases. A lot some weeks, less other weeks. I think they're worth having around but would say that they provide variety more than exercise. The only physical improvement that I've noticed is that my back is less likely to hurt because I'm changing positions frequently.

I have a small under desk “elliptical”.  It’s not a satisfying workout and the gate is very limited. My 7 year old child finds it ideal. But, it does get in extra movement. I use it when we are watching TV or when I am talking on the phone. It’s not too bulky or heavy so I can move it to couch and then move it away. I find it too distracting for work. 

I have a balance board and I could not quite figure out how to use it properly. Again, I found it too distracting for work. 

I stand and walk around the house for conference calls to get in extra movement and take 10-15 min breaks to do jump ropes, sit ups, or play ring fit. I find these mini breaks to be more effective than trying to move while working. 

Hi - I bought my husband a DeskCycle as a gift and he has never used it. I paid $159 and would be happy to pass it along to you for half that (or whatever you want to pay).