Exercise equipment/accessories recommendations?

I have about $200 allowance to spend on fitness or wellness related items this year.  I usually spend it on classes or massages but since everything is closed for the foreseeable future, I want to add to my home fitness equipment, tools and accessories.  Not looking for subscriptions for virtual classes since I'm happy with youtube videos and free apps and found once I like.  I already have latex bands and a good floor mat.  Any recommendations of equipment or other fitness related items that are useful to have for home fitness and exercises -- we put our gym membership on hold and don't plan to go back till at least the fall so looking for something with small footprint (we are low on space) but that is useful for daily home exercises.  

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For exercise equipment, I really like kettlebells for strength training. They’re more fun and versatile than hand weights. Foam rollers are great for massaging and rolling our sore muscles. Neither takes up much space. I’ve always wanted a pull up bar for a doorway, but have never put one in — they’re useful for a lot more than pull ups especially if you already have the elastic bands.

If none of that appeals, a practical option is workout clothing if that’s allowed for the allowance. I find that stuff wears out (especially shoes and sports bras) and the nicer and more comfortable items are expensive. I probably spend that on trail runners, socks and bras each year.

I just purchased a rowing machine from Amazon.  Prices vary from $250 to $2500. I went with a lower end model ($250) as I don't need a video or subscription or anything fancy.  Rowing machines are a full body workout (arms, legs, core) and it has a relatively low footprint. Some fold up and you can put in a closet.

I'd get a Bosu ball.  In fact I have one in my shopping cart on amazon and as soon as I feel like spending $140 on myself I'm getting it.  (I'm really annoyed I didn't ask for it for Mother's Day).  

I love my personal rebounder (i.e., small trampoline). Mine was inexpensive, less than $50 10 years ago, although I'm sure you can find one for a much higher price. I hide it behind the couch when not in use and it is much quieter than the stair stepper and stationary bike that I used to own. According to my Fitbit, I get a great workout just running in place while I watch TV.

i switched my live personal training to home - my trainer encouraged me to get kettlebells and a 45" yoga ball (I'm 5'4"). Between body weight exercises and these, it never feels like the same thing twice. BTW I can't overstate the number of amazing workouts we do that uses no equipment at all (search for "isometric exercises" for examples). I also second the foam rollers!  Maybe also something like a stair step could be handy too - we used to use that a lot in the studio. 

If you have someplace to attach it, a suspension strap system is a really compact way to add variety and interest to your workouts. TRX (https://www.trxtraining.com/) is one manufacturer but on the expensive end (I've only used them at the gym, never purchased one, so I don't have a specific recommendation). It should give you an idea of what the product is the types of exercise you can do.

I had a recumbant exercycle for about 20 years till it finally died, and now have a good quality elliptical. I have loved them both and use or used them all the time. Great for cardio when it's raining or I want to save my knees from a run. $200 likely won't be enough but for probably not that much more you could get something from Craigslist, which is where we got our elliptical and it's been fantastic for about 6 years now. Good luck!