Exercise and interaction ideas for 12 year old girl

What kinds of opportunities are folks finding for 12 year old girls to stay active during this pandemic?  There's way too much sitting.  My grand-daughter says she doesn't like to walk--I wonder if there are any truly engaging on-line dance for girls this age that would pull her in?  Possibly 'safe' face-to-face classes, but she is in school so there's a lot of exposure risk already.  In addition, whatever she does, it seems like we also have to seek a way for there to be communication.  She does very little reaching out to friends, even by phone, and is increasingly more isolated as time goes by, which is a stress on the family.

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Does she play video games? Just Dance and Ring Fit have been our go-to way to get our bums off the chair. When the weather gets warmer, swimming is nice of course. There are outdoor swimming pools that are open across the tunnel (concord, Walnut Creek, lamorinda, etc.). Also, we have used Swimply app to get some private swimming in.  How about ping pong or tennis? do you have a bit of space to put a smaller ping pong table indoor or outdoor? Is she needing to blow off some steam? Punching bag is useful and some girls find it very cool to be kickboxing. It’s a challenge as we are all gaining weight and not exercising... She may be depressed which saps motivation. I think a talk therapy is much needed for everyone during these challenging times...

Van Der Zwaan Dance Studio is doing an excellent job with Zoom Dance classes.  They offer multiple classes for different styles of dance and offer a free trial class.  My 12 year old is taking multiple classes per week.  http://www.zwaandance.com/

I bought a small rebounder for the apartment; my 12 yo uses it pretty regularly, although does not jump for long enough, so the weight gain is still a problem.

We are in the same boat.  My daughter is 13 and refuses to exercise, never found “her sport”, and honestly barely leaves her room these days.  One thing I uncovered is that she is afraid to be seen outside because she might run into people she knows from school.  Anyway, after that  I bought her a relatively inexpensive treadmill that she can fold up and put under her bed.  I asked her to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day and allow her to watch shows while doing so.  It’s not enough but at least she’s getting some movement!