Executive Coaching - Joel Garfinkle or Other for Midlife Manager

Hello - looking for someone who may be an "executive coach", or could also just be a good therapist, to work with me for a couple months to transition into a big job after many years of underemployment. Issues to work on include executive presence, body language and reading others' body language, self-confidence/overcoming imposters' syndrome, and anxiety about kids' handling of the transition. Joel Garfinkle is one name from the archives, but mostly they are old so seeking recs for him or any other professional who can work with me on these issues for a successful career transition. Thanks!

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I would highly recommend Shawn Buttner, a high performance coach in the Bay Area. I did a 12 week series with him and really enjoyed it. I was able to meet a lot of professional goals I had set but had not accomplished previously and I feel like I have a more sustainable work life balance. He is an empathetic listener who provides specific strategies. https://www.shawnbuttner.com Good luck with your new career!

I'd highly recommend Laura Paradise (https://lauraparadisecoaching.com/) based out of Oakland. I worked with her for several months when I was new to the Bay Area and applying for jobs. I think she could really help you with the specific things you mentioned. She is genuine and nurturing in her work. Check out reviews from her clients on Yelp to get a better idea of how she'll work with you. I'm also happy to speak with you about my experience with her.