Excellent therapist to help with long-term relationship

I am in a long term relationship and we are considering moving in together. The problem is that I feel his boundaries around his children are not consistent w/ mine. I also find myself questioning some values around $ as it pertains to what he is teaching his children. That being said, I need recommendations for a smart, engaged and assertive therapist who can help me figure out why my buttons are being pushed and how I can manage my feelings. I really love this man and want it to work between us. Albany, Berkeley, el cerrito areas preferred and must have someone who takes MHN insurance. 

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We've been seeing Michelle Sicula near the Berkeley/Oakland border (Rockridge area) for about a year and a half. I think she's excellent. She's a former attorney turned therapist; clearly very smart, warm, and keeps the work focused on whatever issue you're bringing. She's definitely prevented us from getting derailed and opening up too many boxes, which I think is key for a couple's therapist. I'd highly recommend.
We started seeing her for stress around infertility, and now have been seeing her as we prepare to welcome a baby into our lives. She utilizes EFT, emotionally focused therapy with couples.

David Shaddock on Grand Avenue across from Lake Merritt is a senior psychotherapist who is excellent with couples.

Blue Oak Therapy Center has a number of excellent counselors--and they're quite affordable. My partner and I have used Uzma Knauss: she is fantastic!