Excellent Oral Surgeon for Teen with health issues

Our teen son needs teeth extracted - but has health issues, specifically concerning his heart (SVT), so we are looking for an excellent oral surgeon who SPECIFICALLY has experience with patients who have health/heart conditions for which contra-indications for certain anesthetics may apply. TIA for any and all suggestions.

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Hi - I don't know details about his specific experience with heart issues, but believe it is worth checking in with the office of Keith Gronbach at East Bay Oral Surgery.  My 14 year old just had major oral surgery with involved general anesthesia - our experience with him and his amazing staff could not have been better. My daughter agrees. Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you would like to chat.


Best to you!

HI - You may want to speak with Dr Ali Iranmanesh at Diablo Oral Surgery. He is also an MD as well as an oral surgeon. His medical education is from Harvard and UCSF. And he has extensive background in anesthesia, per his website bio. He's also a great guy and made both my kids feel very comfortable with oral surgery. https://www.diablo-osic.com/ 

Good luck to you!

You may get some great suggestions here; my suggestion is to ask his cardiologist for a recommendation.

If he will need anesthesia for the procedure, be sure the anesthesiologist is board verified in pediatric anesthesia. 

Please do not move forward without discussing the plan with your son’s cardiologist. The procedure may need to be done at a pediatric hospital, under general anesthesia, provided by a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist, who will specific expertise caring for patients like your child.

The anesthesiologist has at least as important a role as the oral surgeon in caring for your child. You mentioned certain medications that are contraindicated for your son. It is the pediatric anesthesiologist who has knowledge required regarding what meds to use or not use.

i work at Children’s Hospital, and this type of procedure, for patients with cardiac/ health issues, is a routine practice here. Unless his cardiologist assures you it’s safe, I don’t recommend that your son have this procedure done under anesthesia (or without anesthesia) in an office setting. If his arrhythmia were to occur during the procedure, you’d want him to be able to be treated immediately, by specialists who treat his condition frequently and routinely. That is not true in an office setting.