Etiquette Classes for middle schoolers

Hello BPN Family,

 I am looking for an etiquette class and maybe even a Cotillion class for my 6th grader. While my child is very kind and thoughtful, I feel technology has stunted my child’s growth and with the added drama of Covid, they have the manners of a Goat. Modeling good behavior isn’t enough. They are at the age where their other parent and I make suggestions and we are met with eye rolls. Bribery doesn’t work either.

Is there anywhere in Berkeley, Oakland. Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Albany, El Cerrito, El Sobrante Richmond, or San Francisco that has etiquette classes? We checked out Orinda but the services were for 7th graders in Orinda public schools. 

Thank You

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My friend’s daughter attends a Cotillion class at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Pacific Heights in SF on Friday evenings 

Hello, were you able to find a class or program you liked? I'm interested in finding a class for my 11 yr old daughter (incoming 6th grader) as well. She has also become part-goat and isn't compelled by my arguments anymore. So I'm glad I'm in good company!

I saw some classes online at Outschool that I might try out if I can't find anything else. But I would love to find an in-person class. I'm in San Ramon, so willing to go up to SF/Berkeley/WC and Lafayette.