Ethnically Diverse School?

Hello BPN, My son is currently in the 4th grade here in Berkeley. Although we overall like his school it has been emotionally taxing as he is the only kid of color in his class every year. As I was raised in the south, Atlanta to be exact, I understand the importance of being around people who look like you. Any suggestions on a diverse school either for 5th grade or for middle and or high school? Thank you.

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Are you looking for Berkeley public schools, private schools, and/or public schools in another city? El Cerrito public elementary schools go up to 6th grade; Harding, Fairmont, Korematsu, and ECHS are very diverse, as is El Cerrito-Richmond's public Mira Vista is K-8.

You can look up the diversity statistics for any public school at

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If you're willing to drive a few miles north, check out Crestmont School in Richmond (  My daughter is in second grade there, and we've been very impressed by the school's commitment to diversity. Historically a K-5 school, we're adding sixth grade starting this coming school year, and the plan is to be K-8 by 2019.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or want to talk to other Crestmont parents of kids of color.  Sue