Estate Planning Attorney Recommendations

Hi All.  I'm looking for an estate planning attorney, ideally in San Francisco, but I'm willing to travel a bit for quality.  It will be a simple plan.  

I'm also looking for an estate planning attorney for my mother.  Also simple. Also ideally in San Francisco.  


Parent Replies

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We used Perkins Coie in San Francisco. They did a very good job. We found them as they offered pro-bono services to nurses at SFGH at the beginning of the pandemic and my husband and I both work there and had our first baby 4/29. I was pretty worried one or both of us could die and we didn’t have anything in writing. They were AMAZING and so compassionate and helpful with us. (We worked specifically with Anne Rhodes but I don’t know if you get to choose? She was assigned to us). 

We just went through this a couple months ago. Mark Rodiles-Peterson with Wade Law was so helpful and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him. Mark [at]

I'm based in Berkeley, but worked with Quynh Tran in San Mateo. She is wonderful, very thorough and communicative. She was even super flexible on timing and let us bring our baby in for signing. You can find out more about her practice at

Ingrid Berger at Berger, Nicholson, LLP was great and we really enjoyed working with her.