ENT for sinus issues and mouth breathing (adult)?

Does anyone have a great ENT recommendation in the east bay (preferably between Richmond-Oakland-ish)? I have been a mouth breather my whole life due to lifelong nasal congestion, and have had frequent severe sinus pain my whole life (I can't fly without taking Sudafed, though I don't get super frequent sinus infections). I went to a highly rated (on yelp) ENT who told me there's nothing wrong with mouth breathing and my sinuses must be fine if I only get sinus infections ~once a year, and just told me to use Flonase daily for the rest of my life, which hasn't been making a big difference. I also suffer from chronic migraines that are likely related to the sinus issues, and my neurologist is less than pleased by the advice to use nasal steroids and not fix anything. I know surgery is inherently risky, but I'd love a better long term solution, and I'd love to hear about an ENT who at least recognizes that mouth breathing and chronic sinus pain are not ideal and may be open to surgery or other life-improving solutions. Thanks for any recommendations! (Not Kaiser)

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Hi! Also a mouth breather with sleep apnea and I got a turbinate reduction that has been life changing!!!   Dr. Gerald Kangelaris in SF. I don’t know if your sinus issue will resolve but this really helps me breathe through my nose much more frequently. And I don’t think I could be as cpap compliant without it. 

My boyfriend had this same issue - chronically congested - until he stopped all dairy and began to breathe well.  I hope this is helpful.

Another vote for diet changes.  DH dropped wheat and almost all allergies and congestion went away.  He no longer snores!