Private school for energetic creative boy?

Wondering how a school like Head Royce is for a rather energetic, social young boy (will be entering K). Is it a sit-in-your seat type of school? thanks

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My experience is that you will be hard-pressed to find a school that is long-tolerant of a child - regardless if it is a boy or girl  (remember, we are in the Bay Area) -- who won't sit in their seat.   That is considered a distraction at many schools and is most likely work against your child.  As the income levels of east bay residents continue to soar, and the more people with high salaries are relocating to the east bay from the peninsula or sf, the east bay schools are enjoying a ride of being able to be very selective of the type of child they will accept.   I've seen the trends change over the past 10 years, in particular with my own child who was not at HR, but at RDS -- but very similar in the type of student they will accept and socio-economics.  My experience, and I think it is fair to say this is across the board, is that if the school perceives that your child is going to be a possible distraction to the other students, then it is probably better to either wait another year or explore other school options.  I know that a lot of parents don't want to hear that, that they want to believe that their child is so creative and intelligent that the teachers will put up with it, but I have seen too many students axed -- either right after Kinder or before they continue on to middle school.  I would suggest looking at your local public school for Kinder and take advantage of the services that the school can provide to help your child develop and conform to classroom protocol, and then consider a more elite school after that year.  Good luck!

Hello! I can't answer your question directly but just wanted to recommend you tour Aurora School in Oakland. I have a VERY energetic 6 year old, if he could, he'd climb trees and swing from the monkey bars all day long! We are at our second year at Aurora and I have been amazed at the wonderful teachers and ease with which they guide our active little leaners. There's a lot of sitting on the floor during lessons and getting up and moving around between lessons, even movement in lessons... so def not a sit in your seat all the time type of school. For times when the kids do sit in chairs, the classrooms have alternative chairs as an option for really active kids - like the stools that rock/wobble - so kids can move in their seats (I think they're called "active learning stools"). There also seems to be a good balance in the schedule of the day so that PE, recess, free play is placed so that kids get to run, move and have freedom of choice. And the Art, Music and Woodshop classes are awesome! Def worth checking out. Feel free to contact me if you have any question!