Emergency Heating service, please

Help! My heater (the gas furnace and/or thermostat) stopped working and I've called every professional around- I can't find anyone to come look at it in less than 3 weeks! Can anyone connect me to a heating repairperson who can make an emergency housecall?

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Try Superior Mechanical - Laura Williams cell: 925-949-6806

pls let me know if you find someone! same situation...

I live in albany,

francesca 203 909 4898

We use Hassler and they have been pretty responsive from the first time I used them!

Jazz Heating - came out in 2 days and they were fantastic! Our heater stopped working - turns out someone had accidentally turned off the power switch; we did not even know that one of the wall switches was for the furnace! They were cool about telling us about this simple error. They also installed a Nest thermostat. 

Try Bobby owner of Apple Heating as he might be able you. 510-459-8868 or Marcus at Rivera Heating 510-483-4328. I have used both and they very good.

Call Greg Hershman
of Hershman Plumbing Heating Cooling
510 799 7996
(He replaced our furnace recently.)

Try replacing the batteries in your thermostat. I felt really stupid begging for a heating guy to come out when all that was needed were new batteries.

I did find someone through a friend - he came out the very next day, did a temporary fix, ordered parts, came back and handled it all. Very professional and knowledgeable - and an amazingly low cost -  Antonio (510) 586-3269