Elementary school with substantial outdoor/natural facilities?

Our daughter needs a significant amount of outdoor major active / nature time to self-regulate.  Inconveniently, the average playground with a small garden doesn't seem to work for this-- she seems to do better in a physical setting with lots of trees and major movement opportunity.  This seems like a tall order for a school environment, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any schools public or private that might have a significant nature / outdoor movement facility?  Or, are there any athletics-oriented schools the way there are arts-oriented schools? 

We are in Berkeley so we qualify for BUSD, and are also fine with private schools in Berkeley/Oakland/El Cerrito/Albany/Alameda area.

Thank you!

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Washington Elementary (BUSD) has a great outdoor space with lots of trees. It’s open to the public on weekends so you can go take a look.

Golestan in El Cerrito comes to mind and might be worth checking out. They’re a private school with beautiful, large outdoor areas though I’m not sure how much of the day is spent outside. 

you might want to check out Wildcat Canyon Community School in El Sobrante (formerly East Bay Waldorf School)


my understanding is that the kids spent almost all their time outside! My niece has been there throughout elementary (entering 6th grade now), and she and her parents love it.

Park Day School in North Oakland has a gorgeous campus with lots of trees, gardens, and natural areas, in addition to a large play structure, swings, athletic field, sandbox, and even a chicken coop. The kids sometimes take class outside sitting under a tree in a circle of tree stumps. Great place for nature lovers! You can get a good sense for the feel of the campus on the web site: https://www.parkdayschool.org/

John Muir Elementary (BUSD) also has a lovely outdoor space with an outdoor classroom next to a creek and a garden with an amphitheater. The creek classroom and garden are probably locked on weekends, but you could check out the redwood grove and playground. I’m not sure if the elementary schools are offering tours to prospective families this fall, but maybe check the BUSD website.p